First things first.

Both Paul and I have things in progress we need to complete before we can stat collaborating on projects. Paul is working on some cool updates for DTD and I have to complete VectorTD for Wrigleys, but once we have done these 2 things it’s full steam ahead!

Our goal is to create an awesome casual gaming site with a social networking twist which we will use to host all our future games as well as some we have made already. The first step is selecting a name for this site, which is easy compared to finding a domain name which is not taken by a scraper site or similar!

It has been in the last 4 or 5 years that buying domain names has become a pain in the ass, everything you type in has already gone (.com mostly) The annoying thing is that these domains are been purchased in bulk by companies who’s only intention is to slap on a generic page with ads and leave it running for 2-5 years. Paul told me that these companies buy all expired domains on a trial basis, if they find they have reasonable traffic they buy them for a discounted price, if they do not they let them expire at no cost. So I think the people who sell domain names are to blame, and there should be laws preventing the bulk sale of domain names.

Rant over, so the only way to get a reasonably relevant .com name which is short and does not contain “-” or numbers is to make up a new word. My friend Avi did this with his site a word made up by combining plum and lime. Sites like and have miss-spelt words to secure a name on the web. So maybe this is the way we will be forced to go when it comes to naming our site.

Paul came over to my house a few days ago and we were chucking around words like “hive” and “collective”. We need something that means gaming, community, group and casual, but we are still stuck. Any suggestions welcome, please post your list of possible names as a comment :)


44 Responses to First things first.

  1. Dear Dave and Paul,

    I am very appreciated with your work in providing free games for us, although some blame that you make them playing in front of the computer for hours.

    Here is the list of website name I suggest: (Life And Work Of Paul and Dave) (Paul and Dave, World Wide Game) (Pand and Dave, semag is a reverse spelt of games) (Fusion has the meaning of collective and combine, Paul and Dave)

    I have tried these names on the IE and it just shows up the search page, I guess that means they are STILL usable, please consider them and keep up your hard work!

    Keep in Touch!


  2. wil says:

    This is a great idea, i’d love to be a part of the site when it gets going!

  3. Odegard says:

    The “threat” from the harvesters are bigger than you think. You should ask for suggestions on mail and DO NOT TYPE in the name at a registrar to “just check” if it’s available. These searches are registered and shared among other ISPs it has been known to happen that some of these domains have been bought.

  4. breeze night says:

    well i just thought about it in 30 sec so don’t take it seriously but something like or for online games bye paul and dave

  5. whab says:

  6. Kev says:

  7. david(beta tester for DTD) says:

    ok you need community/group/casual?


    Theres a start

    from-David good luck on the TD’s

  8. Matt Johnson says:

    You are an inspiration and I wish you luck. Don’t rush into finding a name, you will know when you find the perfect one. P.S. DTD is the best flash game I’ve ever played.

  9. B-man says:

    lol Kev, I like that one :P What about these…?

    and my personal favorite (I like this because it sounds good, includes the creators names(mixed up), and most likely wont be taken)

    Just some ideas

    -B-man (flaming_dog)

  10. Jes says:

    Was thinking how about:


  11. Dave says:

    Some great ideas, but most have been taken :(

    Odegard, all comments are approved before going live on the site, so if we see one we like we will register it before we approve the comment.

    Amos, nice thinking, however they do not roll off the tongue too well, they are a bit hard to say.

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement, and please keep the ideas coming :)

  12. Andy says:

    I’m new to playing DTD and I love it. I look forward to the next version. One thing that I noticed when i find an addictive game such as DTD is that I get lost in it. Which brings me to the domain idea that is available.

    I can see a lot of people saying “Get”

  13. DMII says:

    what about

  14. Anaha says:

    What about Kollect’hive Gamez ?

  15. Carl C. Nordin says:

    How does sound? As an avid DTD player I can attest to the fact that your games are as addictive as crack cocaine! This domain is also easy to say and spell.

    I just bought this domain, and I’ll sign it over to you if you want.

  16. Horror says: as in straw hat

  17. Dave says: is good, but was taken in Nov06
    You can use something like to check if a domain is available.

  18. david(beta tester for DTD) says:

    hm or just stick with

  19. Nick says:

    I would suggest keeping the domain as short as possible. Not to nitpick, but personally I hate domains with over 8 characters. You mentioned Digg and Plime, which I think are great and are much more memorable than casualflashgames dot com or something along those lines. Something short and either a combo of two or three words, or something made up would be ideal.

  20. ZZzz says:

    ( and combined)

  21. Chris Makepeace says:

    My relationship to games like DTD is a bit like cats and catnip. So how about you go with :

  22. Xnegd says:

    I play “DTD” all the time, it literally gets me through my work day. I owe you guys SO MUCH! My boss has been watching me at the computer (she only sees my hand movements & back) and called me into her office to tell me how pleased she was with how busily I appear to work, and how eager and focused I am. I got a raise right there on the spot!!! It was one of the best moments in my life I think, thank you guys!

    As for names: (availiable) (availiable, and a nice ode to me lol) (your names backwards) (?) (Some form of this would be quite appropriate!!!!!) (it would get all the highschoolers on the site, and they’d stay for the games and networking…maybe this name is a bad idea n/m)

    I have a million, let me know if you want more,


  23. Mesopolies says:

    What about or

  24. Dave says:

    I think they may have been taken ;) Also it is not JUST TD games.

  25. Dan says:

    Why not just put them all on its a general non-specificly named webiste that both of you could use, with a small change to the layout. That way all of your games are on the same site for fans of DTD, ELE TD, Circle TD and the upcomming Vector TD.

    Sounds too easy to me.

  26. Dan Staub says:

    It is not taken yet.

    You write Flash games and we are all adicts.


  27. Brady says:

    Hey Guys,

    How about “”… pi = P and di = D… I think you catch the drift. Both your names, plus it rolls off the tongue nicely. And it’s available.

  28. fbdevdir says:

  29. Dave says: has been taken, check on sites like to see if domain names are taken or not.

  30. Jay says:

    If you want a good name, try the Name Generator at

    You may also want to check the For Sale section because there are some good names for cheap.

  31. Mark says:

    How ’bout

  32. Logan Bowers says:

    Many bemoan Verisign’s impending (and likely relentless) price hikes for .com domain registrations, but without a centralized market for buying and selling registered domain names, it’s better for the rest of us in many ways since it will squeeze out the speculators. Of course, the crappy names will lapse first as the margins compress, but it’s better than the nothing that exists now.

  33. DavidS says: (FLAshGAMes)

  34. Roland says:

    i like the sound of, or maybe or,

  35. SlaX says:

    I kinda like novel concepts allthough I think you could tweek it abit, most flash community sites got these flasy names that somehow involves the word game ither it be the actual word or another one referring to game.. why follow the flow when you can go against it ?

    oh and i still got problems signing up on the forums witch i’ve had for about 4-5 months or something..

  36. spijker says:

    How about
    or even ;)

    badaboem, we have a winner!

  37. Skout says:

    both .com and .net are available for these:


    Best of luck, guys!

  38. Skout says:


  39. Skout says:

    LMAO okay, sorry for three posts in a row. I like to help. :P

    You can make just about anything can work out with hive and collective with a little bit of twisting. Try throwing ‘games’ onto the end of any favorite.

    collectivenetworkgames is open, but not .com same thing

    Okay, enough from me. :)

  40. Andrej says:

    Try to choose another TLD, for example .us is nice and style of naming is usable also for something like, even when is announced to be for sale now.

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