DTD Update

Work on version 1.5 continues… broke out my marker pen and the scanner to produce some more leet artwork for the new towers:

New Ink Tower Ink / Blob Tower

Boost Tower Boost Tower

Finally plumbed in the Boost tower so it now err boosts. My request for translations on the HDG forum has gotten a good response – someone even posted Chinese. ApparentlyChinese Creep is ‘Creep’… but it looks more like someone bending down to insert a dvd into a dvd player to me! The problem with asking for translations is that I actually have to put the text into the game. Meh. French and Spanish have been completed after a marathon copy & paste session.

This is all a big experiment (and not a small amount of effort) to see whether an independant game can generate significant extra plays when translated into other major languages. I’m hoping yes, or oui, or ja, or hai.

On a side note the site’s eCPM has doubled since the start of the week. Result.


11 Responses to DTD Update

  1. runningtracker says:

    Cool ! I’m looking forward to play with the new version ! :-)

  2. david(beta tester for DTD) says:

    whats eCPM?

  3. Frank says:

    uh, why didn’t you provide a .csv template or an xml template for your translations that could be machine read to avoid the cut and paste?

  4. Dave says:

    David: eCPM is a measure of how many $ you earn from 1,000 hits. An eCPM of $1.00 would mean that for every 1,000 hits you get $1

    Frank: The problem is that all his text in game was static, so he had to make each text field dynamic and make a class to go through everything, that is the majority of the work. He could have used an XML feed, but I think that is over complicating it for the sake of cutting down on copy and pasting.

  5. […] DTD Update Work on version 1.5 continues… broke out my marker pen and the scanner to produce some more leet artwork for the […] […]

  6. Paul says:


    The main reason is that I wanted an easy to use format that people could use – especially as they are doing it for free

  7. Xeelee says:

    I hereby offer my own free time at work to help on the Spanish translation, with work being the time I get to pull all-nighters on Starcraft.

    No, really, If you’d like help translating the game into neutral Spanish I’d be willing to help out :)

    Xeelee (funny a sign ;) ruidoz (put a period here) com

  8. DavidS says:

    Hi there,
    if need german translation, i can help out, just send me an email.

  9. Roland says:

    I think translations are good for those nations/populations who aren’t very good in foreign languages. So I think you did well to choose French & Spanish. I would chose Chinese, Russian & German also, for the same reason and because of big numbers population-wise. I woudn’t bother too much with Dutch or Scandinavian languages for instance, because those people tend to speak English pretty well. Good luck with your translations!

  10. Gabriel says:

    I’m brazilian and I can speak english a little but I can understand games and things like that, but I think that games with different languages are useful, because there are people from other countries that can’t speak/read/write/understand english. And since it’s not SO difficult to translate (well, ‘creep’ is a difficult word, i don’t even know how it’s like in spanish or french), it’s a good improvement to the game.
    Oh, and if you want to put brazilian translations too, i can help you out, but I don’t think it’s necessary because a lot of brazilians can understand spanish, because the brazilian and spanish language are aproximated (I couldn’t find another word because my english is not good, and I’m sure a letter is missing… maybe double ‘x’?)
    That’s it. Sorry for my awful english. i bet there’s a lot of wrong words in the text… But i think you’ll understand…

  11. BNJ says:

    Creep… Just make it “enemy”, “monster”… That should be easy enough to be translated…
    As for Chinese version… I’m good at this!

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