Flash Element is about to hit 40

40 million loads that is! I was checkin out my mochibot stats and Flash Element TD is about to hit the big four zero. With 160,000+ loads a day it will not be long now.

40,000,000. That’s like everyone in California building some towers, or the combined population of New York, Washington, Ohio, Colorado, AND Kentucky wondering if they should go for fire or earth upgrades. Or if you are a Brit like me that is 79% of the UK population! Pretty amazing. [data from here]

Interestingly (well for me as I love stats) the majority of traffic is not people playing it on my site. I worked out that only 27.2% of loads take place on my domain, leaving a whopping 72.8% of plays taking place on other peoples sites.

In the past this sort of “Flash Piracy” would have been a big worry to game developers like myself who rely on in-site advertising such as Googles AdSense, but with in-game advertising provided by mochiads it is possible to keep earning revenue even when the game is hosted elsewhere. Without this I would be trying my hardest to prevent people from re-hosting the game, but now I can let it run free which “feels” better to me, the whole point of making a game is to have people playing it right?!

Thanks to all who played and are still playing, Quantast tells me that 44% of players are “regulars” and 2% are “addicted” maybe we need to start a program for DTD and ELE TD addicts.

Hello, my name is Dave and I enjoy killing sheep.


16 Responses to Flash Element is about to hit 40

  1. david(beta tester for DTD) says:

    wow 40 million thats very impressive…If only my flash skills were better =(

    I wonder…can someone link me to the DTD stats page?

  2. Ryan Nichols says:

    guys, thats awesome. You deserve it. I look forward to the new stuffz you’ll be making!

  3. […] Scott of Novel Concepts and the creator of Flash Element TD just posted a great blog entry about how his game is about to reach 40 million game plays. That’s a very impressive number […]

  4. dave says:

    40m! SUPER awesome.

    Ads in-game; brilliant solution to the piracy issue.

  5. nogg3r5 says:

    Now all this post needs is a link to the game in question. To google i go.

  6. Dave says:

    Oops, I have edited the entry and made the words “Flash Element TD” link to the game. I am sure if you Google it though you will find it.

  7. Josh Buckley says:

    wow, they are some super impressive stats!

  8. Vegevil says:

    Wow guys, thats awesome, I know I’m one of the ones playing it everyday! ^^

  9. Scatropolis says:

    Wait isn’t four 0’s 10,000? Whatever, I know I’ve been a good portion of that. Good luck.

  10. Congratulations.. I’m definitely in the wrong line of blogging… I need to create an addictive flash game!

  11. Aniche says:

    thts clever man.

  12. TD lover says:

    you are nice people : )

  13. John says:

    That’s AMAZING! you guys have made a truly awesome game! I play it like 5 times a day ^_^

  14. WG3 says:

    i usally play element TD on http://www.alliancerankings.com its for a browser based MMORPG i play they have an arcade there with ELE TD on it wicked game kudos to the designers.. am one of the 2% whose addicted :P

  15. Raphael says:

    I hope you’re sucessful.
    Giving us free games and still getting paid from it. Pure genius.

  16. Akarapol says:

    I would like to know that, Is this Flash Element TD can be play on symbian mobile phone or not. By the way, thank you for created this incredible game.

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