VectorTD is unleashed!

VectorTD, the 3rd in the series of TD games created by myself is now live on It has been almost 2 months in the making, which for me is quite a long time to spend on any one game. But I think this extra time has been well spent and shows in the games look and game-play. The feedback I have had on the screen-shots and videos I posted of the games work in progress have been very positive and so has an early review by

The aim of the game is simple, and pretty much the same as all TD’s, prevent the enemy from crossing your map. In all my games the map has been a path that the enemy follow and which you can not construct towers on, instead you build your defences alongside the path. Towers cost money which you get from kills and also it is kept in a bank so there is interest. The location you select for each tower is as important as the type of tower and if you build many or upgrade a few.

Features which I am most proud of and are also new to vectorTD include:

  • Multiple maps (of which there are 8 to pick from, ranging from easy to very hard, there is a leader-board for each map)
  • 11 towers (past games have had 5 and 7)
  • Booster towers which buff the range/damage of other towers.
  • Having the amount of damage towers do effected by the type of target they are hitting.
  • To earn the bonus point you get every 5 waves you must destroy the bonus enemy.
  • Most towers can be told to acquire targets based on their proximity or remaining health.

There are a couple of first for as well, this is one of the first game to have multiple score boards (one for each map) and, thanks to overwhelming demand, it is the first time they have released a game on a Monday.

I was asked on the forum do you have any regrets over vector”… “? Something you wish you had added before hand, or wanted to but never got around to it?” The early versions had a few things that I cut to make the game easier to pickup and play. For example each tower had a power requirement, and when you did not have enough power the towers you built would not work. There were power towers which increased your energy reserve. This was dropped as it was always a pain to explain to new players. I did think about a story mode, but with 8 maps to play already this seemed a bit redundant, but look out in future games for story modes. Maybe different music tracks would be good, but that would make the game quite a bit slower to load. Overall I am very happy with the end result.

So what’s next? Well there is no rest for the wicked… I am currently working on another game and this time it is not a TD! See I can make other types of games too ;) And after that it is full steam ahead with Paul and our joint projects!

So what are you waiting for? Go play it! and keep an eye on the official vectorTD site and the NC forum for news, hints & tips.


27 Responses to VectorTD is unleashed!

  1. vcmike says:

    Congrats on the new game, looks like fun. What you guys are up to is super-interesting – I’d love to have a chance to learn more…

  2. Dan Staub says:

    The game is great. How is your scorce determinded?

  3. david says:

    congratz i hope you and paul do well in the game industry =)

  4. snufkin says:

    Cool, good work! ;)

  5. Scott says:

    Congrats. Vector is brilliant.

    I have to say that Candystand site performance seems to be quite better than when Circle launched. I hope you keep making games for them, the site is actually pretty good.

  6. ARGH!!!! I hate you. I’m so addicted to these stupid games you make!

  7. ZZzz says:

    now for 1.5 of DTD.

  8. Carlos says:

    Keep up the good work. Have been following your “path” since the first TD games. Hope everything works great for you guys! :)

  9. Beautiful game, already one of my favorites. I only have one complaint:


    A game this beautiful needs great sound effects, and as far as I can tell there’s nothing but music. I turned that off after the first 20 minutes leaving me with silence.

    If this is a limitation of the programming, I understand.

    On the other hand, if you just need some great sounds, drop me a line – I have a roomful of synthesizers and would love to come up with some for you.

  10. I played the game last night and I don’t know what to say about it, I played on 3 different maps and completed it first time all 3 times. Is there any way to make it harder/more challenging for myself? On Dekstop TD in took me several weeks to get to complete it and Flash Element TD took several days, but first attempt and I’m done, any ways to increase difficulty? :D

  11. david says:

    @ ZZzzz uhm this daves vectorTD not pauls DTD lol

    this has nothing to do with DTD xD

  12. Dave says:

    Email sent :)

  13. Cairnarvon says:

    I love the game, but forty levels is about sixty too few, IMO.

  14. Dave says:

    Boys Like Girls: Have you tried the “Harder maps” no-one to my knowledge has completed the “No Left Turns” to date. There will be an update which will make most of the levels harder.

    Cairnarvon: I will be adding more levels.

  15. Beran says:

    Hey, firstly, great game! I’ve noticed that either I’m very unlucky, or the types of enemies that spawn seem to be more likely whatever type you wouldn’t want (if most of your towers are purple, then lue will spawn, etc). If I’m wrong, disregard that, otherwise awesome job!
    Unfortunately I seem to have found a bug. The image inmy website link points it out, but basically those two blue towers on the end wouldn’t fire at all. I don’t know if that has something to do with the pause if a target moves out of range or what, but they’d just sit there.

    In closing, you rock!

  16. Dave says:

    Version 1.1 will be going live today, it has many tweaks to make the game harder, also bugs like the blue tower targeting have been solved.

    Oh and I added 10 more levels to each map too :)

  17. starbork says:

    David, excellent game. Feature thought: fast forward. I tend to cluster my towers deep in the map, and would love to be able to speed the creeps to their doom.
    Awesome game. Thanks!

  18. dowhatufear says:

    that was damn kewl.. CHEERS!!

  19. Roland says:

    Jeeezzz…. Just in a matter of 2 days time I got to know all of your TD games, as a matter of fact through Xebo Tactic, a good Desktop TD clone. It’s interesting to read of your leap from hobby to new job. This first paid (am I correct?) TD is as addicting as all the others. Which means I have probably been playing 10 hours of your TD games the last couple of days! So please, save my relationship, go back to your boring jobs both of you! ;-)

  20. Don Campbell says:

    This game looks like a lot of fun, but that candystand site it is hosted on is absolutely awful. I had all kinds of trouble getting it to play on that site, and every time I try to get it to play it makes me watch a very long advertisement. Is there any other way to play the game?

  21. Skout says:


    You won me back!

    And since I’m now learning you and Paul and in cohorts together, I will openly admit that Paul’s DTD stole me away during your Circle era – I played Circle but it just didn’t have the addictive allure your first game did. DTD has had my attention for a long time now, on and off, I keep going back…

    But NOW this is great! Easy to play, no slowdowns, really beautiful.

    My only gripe is Candystand and their apparent intent to cram the way-too-long gum commercial down my throat whenever I happen to make a mistake of clicking something that leaves the game and makes me come back. Not to sound unappreciative of Candystand for sponsoring great games like yours – I AM very happy for what they’ve been able to do for you and all your addicts – but they really need to do something. At the very least have a FEW ads in the off-chance one might actually catch my attention.

    Great job and good luck on your future endeavors! We’re all waiting :)

  22. Drew says:

    I’ve been playing the TD games since the first one.

    I like the new gameplay elements. I miss the keyboard shortcuts for upgrades and selling. Also, I keep hitting the ‘submit score’ button instead of the ‘next wave of creeps’ button – that boots me out of the game, and I have to hit the back button and go through the really annoying chewing gum advertisement to play again. It’s really frustrating.

  23. Jay says:

    Vector TD is beautiful. I enjoy playing it, but the ONE thing I miss is that there are no explosion or weapons sounds, only music. I really miss that from other games.

  24. Harold says:

    Great game, unfortunately I simply cannot read the text for the cost of upgrades, leaving me guessing whether it’s worth it to upgrade or simply buy a new tower.

  25. Jay says:

    Hey dave,
    I am so addict to all of your games. I just have one question. What’s the name of the music on the Vector TD? It’s got little Alex Morph Style to it. or is it an original song made by you? I think it’s a great song. Makes the game more exciting. can you send me a copy, thanks.

  26. Chris says:

    i was thinking about a new version. i think it would be a good game to download and have on the comp. i was thinking of level 1 to level 50 or somthing but it goes in order and each diffrent map is a new level. also it can have the originals built in and even a level editor built in for setting the map layout the path and the vector list. i may be able to help with some of it for uploading custom levels and updating. possably if it is created it could be sold in stores.

  27. aooooga says:

    The problem with vector TD is that the game seems to revolve everytime around red rocket towers. Why do the low level towers do so little damage? The later waves have millions of hitpoints and the tower green tower does 1000. isn’t that absurd?

    There’s really only two types of towers that have value, Red and blue. mass amounts of slow and mass amounts of rockets. play an interest game to try and support that.

    Why spend a 1000 dollars an upgrade on a green tower that does so little?

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