A busy week for us both.

Sorry for the gap between posts, we have both been engrossed in our individual projects as well as talking about things we will be doing together. As all of you who do not live under rocks will know Desktop TD version 1.5 was released by Paul and it is finger lickin good. I have not been slacking either as Vector TD version 1.2 was released on Monday and ba-da-da-da-darrr you’re lovin it!

Work on the next game for Candystand is going well, the graphics are going to be provided by the guy who is responsible for the comic strip in the back of EDGE magazine, so it should look very sexy! When it is looking presentable I will do the usual YouTube teaser.

Over the weekend I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (thanks Jason for the ticket), an event which has been going on since 1936 in the South of England. The show celebrates all things speedy and is famed for it’s hill climb event. You can check out my Goodwood video on YouTube or the official festival site for more info.

Anyways, I hope the updates to our TD’s did not make your weeks too unproductive, and I will try and update you all again soon.


6 Responses to A busy week for us both.

  1. brittlefish says:

    Great stuff. The updates are welcome. Have a blurb about the Desktop TD 1.5 update at my site.

    Playing Vector TD 1.2 right now.

    Goodwood looks like a lot of fun!

  2. James says:

    It’s such a buzz starting out …checking the stats and seeing your work spreading. I just wanted to wish you good luck.

  3. Lauriebravo says:

    Busy is spelt busy, unless, perhaps you’re talking of a week filled with buses which I suppose could be the case?

    And you thought you could escape the spelling police, muwhahaha

  4. […] too. Best of all, Paul and Dave who created the game have their blog on WordPress.com! They announced the new version a while […]

  5. Cadfan says:

    VectorTD is very cool. I really like that you can give the towers targetting settings. This adds a neat element of strategy to the game, where you can have your heavy hitting towers target undamaged enemies, and leave the cleanup to rapid firing towers like the green lasers.

    The only problem I see is that after a little while, that all becomes kind of moot. If you want to beat the end game, you basically need highly upgraded red missiles paired with damage upgrade towers, with lots of blue rays to slow down the enemies while you shoot them. I can’t really see any other way to get through the final levels.

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