And so it begins….

We started work in earnest on Monday (2nd July) Paul came over to my house and we sat down and started planning out what ‘the site’ will look like and do. We also ordered a new server to run it all on and started the process of creating a completion to design the sites logo on worth1000. We will be sure to post on here and in our forums when the comp is open so those of you who are a bit arty can enter and have a chance of winning the $200 top prize. EDIT: the comp to design a logo will start on the 7th, I will post a link when I have a URL.

I kicked Paul out early as I got a call over the weekend saying my new PC was ready for collection, superb! Bring on Crysis & Alen Wake. On Wednesday Paul came over to mine again, Paul started work on the first of our new games and I laid down the sites database and account creation system. I got all in a twist with Regular Expressions and Paul had a bit of a headache with some game code, but that’s the way it goes some days.

I think it is about time we told you what ‘the site’ will be. You all know it will be a place to host our games but that is only the tip of the iceberg. We want to bring the social side of gaming to the forefront of on-line Flash games with a site that has everything built around groups and friends. When the site is ready we will move Element TD and Desktop TD on to it so they benefit from the new features as well as helping to test it and iron out any kinks. We feel that both our TD’s and flash games in general would be so much better if they were multi player, with this in mind our first new game will be Multi Player Desktop TD! I don’t want to give away any details of MPDTD at this stage other than that it is ‘vs’ not ‘co-op’ play and will be real time multi player using only the Flash plugin, for the rest you can use your imagination :)

I leave you with a screen shot of our servers task manager, we went to town with the specs as we both hate sites that take ages to load and we want to give you the best experience possible. Sweet looking ain’t it ;) That’s 2x Quad Xeons sitting there waiting for you to all come and play!


15 Responses to And so it begins….

  1. Ryan says:

    You got a sweet 8-core server and installed Windows on it?! What a waste! That’s like getting a brand new Ferrari and putting regular unleaded gas in it.

  2. Dave says:

    We both are ASP programmers, you want us to learn another language and OS? :)

  3. Carlos says:

    Nice server and desktop PC. :)

    Btw, what is that 24″ tft of yours?

  4. Cairnarvon says:

    A Linux server running Mono will be more stable (and scale better) than a Windows server.

  5. Dave says:

    Carlos: Thanks, It is a DELL 24″
    Cairnarvon: We have no experience with Mono or Linux for that matter, so can’t argue with that statement. However we do need to get up and running quickly and as we both have many MANY years of ASP programming behind us it is the obvious chose. We have also both been running win boxes with no problems. We are running MySQL, so I hope that bit of open source appeases you. :)

  6. dimat says:

    Nice server. And it should be really enough for everything. But I think that 2GB of memory is not suitable proportion. I thought that it should be at least 8 Gb :-)

  7. Basil says:

    Another good way I’ve seen windows web servers done is buying 3 single processor machines (with about 25% more RAM per machine) and running them in an n+1 windows cluster. That way, you can load balance across two servers about half as powerful as yours, and if one fails, the third will kick in fairly quickly to pick up the slack while you send in the failed one for repairs.

    Also, ensure that you own a nice 2000 KVA UPS for a few minutes of runtime should your power fail.

    If your site becomes as popular as I think it might (facebook plus tower defence? The entrepreneur in me just fainted), you will probably want to start thinking about stuff like power, heat, and space management (buying servers with shared fans and power supplies), as well as good cluster networking (infiniband or FC)

    Love your blog and your game- keep up the good work!

  8. Dave says:

    All sound advice, and facebook + [insert a flash gaming site] is a good analogy. I look forward to running out of CPU or RAM, it means we are doing well :) The server is all managed for us, so we don’t have to worry about things like power and heat.. we can get on with the code :D

  9. […] And so it begins…. We started work in earnest on Monday (2nd July) Paul came over to my house and we sat down and started planning out […] […]

  10. Nathan says:

    Two questions, how will you speak with the other players in MPDTD and will there be levels like, New to game, Intermediate, Hardened Veteren.. Etc. Becuase I won’t want to be playing with some Hardcore players and messing up all the time. Thanks.

  11. Dave says:

    2 very good questions. Firstly there will be in-game real-time text-based chat. Secondly we are not 100% decided on how it will work, maybe there will be levels when you host the game, more likely players will be given a rank and that will be used when matching players to each other.

  12. Nathan says:

    Oh so that will be MMORPGish chatting then. The idea you have there will probably be best so then people can gauge who their oppenents will be and clans could be formed.

  13. Dave says:

    Well not just MMORPG, Counterstrike has chat, so does Warcraft so do pretty much all multi player games. But the idea is that if you chat to someone you form friendships etc..

  14. You guys should consider making a Facebook widget with a game embedded in it. If you do, I expect a check ;)

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