Make us a spiffy logo!

OK, the Worth1000 contest to design a logo for our new site is up and running! And I guess this is the first time you will have heard that the site will be called the “Casual Collective”. Casual because all the games we make are considered to be “Casual games” for the “Casual gamer” and Collective because of the strong emphasis on friends and groups.

The contest is open for submissions for 6 days from now, after that the logos will the be voted on by the users of Worth1000 and then Paul and I will select a winner soon after to receive the prize of $200*

Just read the client and general rules and if you have an idea why not have a go and then submit it to the contest in the next 6 days. So what are you waiting for? Get going!

* Not only do you get $200 (USD) but you get to make a logo that will be seen by squillions of people, the design of the logo may also shape the design of the whole site! What more incentive do you need?


One Response to Make us a spiffy logo!

  1. James R says:

    Hi guys,

    Congratulations on your success over the past few months and I wish you much more in the future.

    Inspired by your story I have taken it upon myself to fulfill my dream of creating quality, pick-up-and-play games (In the hope that I, too, can earn enough to one day leave my job).

    While I have a plethora of ideas, I am somewhat lacking in the skills to create them. I have countless years of experience in IT, programming, project management, systems analysis, etc etc, but I have never taken the time to learn good ‘ol Flash.

    Since you were (according to one of your interviews) a “Flash Newbie” when you programmed DTD, could you perhaps point me in the direction of any literature (books, online tutorials, etc) that helped you get your project off the ground?

    Kind Regards,
    James R

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