Week 2 Update

What a fun week! The site and game have come on leaps and bounds. As early as Tuesday Lunchtime Multi P layer Desktop TD (MPDTD) was at a stage where Paul and I could play Paul could pwn me. We also had some 3-way action with Paul, his Wife and I, oooh errrr :o) Can’t wait to try it out with 4 players. We also setup an account with Group Hub which is a free service (for the basic package) that lets us set to-do items, write notes, set milestones and generally help keep us on target.

The way the game was going to work multi player changed on Monday over a cup of Tea in Paul’s kitchen :) The original idea was to have it so every time you killed a creep it spawned a ghost of itself for the other players, however this would not scale well and could end up with 100’s of creeps in a maze which would be laggy. We changed all this and now the idea is that the first person to complete a wave gets bonus points and triggers the next wave for all players, regardless of how many creeps the other players have left to kill! Of course if you go for a quick kill to overlap the waves for the other players you are probably not making a good maze so are in for a harder late game. This also scales well in terms of number of players, so even though we are aiming for 2 to 4 players we could change this to 10+ in the future.

The site is now at a point were people can register, add friends to their MSN style buddy list, send PM’s and create and join groups. Still quite a bit to do before I would consider it Beta. Group home pages, editable profile pages, and the all important games pages to name a few, but progress is going at a pace so not long now. The competition to design our logo is closed to entries and now open for voting, so go register, vote and have a say in what image will be burning into your monitor :o)

When we have the game more finished I will do my usual YouTube thing so you can all have a sneak peak at what to expect.


6 Responses to Week 2 Update

  1. Stephan says:

    Hey, looking forward to the new game. Just wanted to let you know I’m reading your blog.

  2. joshp says:

    Hello guys. MPDTD is going to be so awesome! I have a question about Group Hub, I went to the link and it kicks me over to Basecamp, is that the tool you are using?

  3. Dave says:

    Grouphub and basecamp are the same, you get to pick from about 5 URLs when you join, we picked “grouphub”

  4. Matt says:

    You should do team or cooperative versions too!

  5. Joel says:

    I really think multiplayer TD has so much potential that I hope you guys explore a lot of different avenues when it comes to MP game modes.

    Here’s just a couple ideas of what you could do (I’m sure you’ve thought of them already):

    BattleMode: This would be a purely 1v1 mode in which players are situated on opposite sides of the playing field. A neutral wave of vectoids will spawn and equal numbers will travel to each player in waves similar to the single player game. However, this is where the similarities stop. In addition to battling the neutral vectoids, players will have to defend against vectoids sent by the other player. No longer would the economy just be used for defensive items, but players could “purchase” waves of vectoids to send to their opponents. The skill of course would be in balancing your funds between offense and defense.

    Co-op: Here players would have to work together to stop a larger than normal vectoid force. There could possibly be multiple entrance/exit routes for the vectoids, requiring each player to be assigned to a vectoid path. Certain mechanics could be added to increase the need for cooperation, such as certain towers that are more effective next to your teammate’s towers. Players would have the ability to transfer funds to their teammates in their time of need.

    Last Man Standing: This mode could support several players, and basically tests the endurance of each player. Waves could spawn in the center of the map and branch to the perimeter with X number of exits where X = # of players. Or the entrances could be on one edge of the map and the exits on the opposite edge. Each player might only have a certain zone of influence in which he could build towers.

  6. lee says:

    do u now when u get the game up an runin cuz im i only started reading today and all ready wont to play this game and i like the sound that people that u could have co-op modes and head to head. and i was wondering how do u make games like DTD.

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