Reserve that username!

As of now you can register an account with the Casual Collective. Registering an account will do three things. Firstly you will be reserving the username, preventing others from using the same name. Secondly when the site is live we will send you an email (which will remind you of your username and give you a link to the finished site) so you are one of the first to play! And thirdly, those that register early will get some form of reward when the site is fully functional. Right now the site is not finished, so registering is all you can do, but we hope to resolve that soon ;o)

// Update 20th July
We had 1,376 registrations today. Also noteworthy is that this post is the 16th most popular today across the whole of WordPress. And as if that wasn’t enough, this was the best day in terms of hits for our blog with 4,877 views.


76 Responses to Reserve that username!

  1. Yujin says:

    Love Elemental TD!!! Play it so much and even introduced it to my friends at work, have about 10 people playing it right now !!! thanks for the game =]

  2. Stephan says:

    Sweet, registering is all I WANT to do.

    Ok not really. Do you have any sort of time frame you want to share?


  3. You might want to fix the registration form, it asks for my date of birth but the label says ‘Your age’.
    Looking forward to the launch.

  4. tunkio says:

    Nice works guys!

  5. Daniel says:

    When you go to register an account, it asks for your name and age.
    However the bars where you put in your age appears to ACTUALLY want your birthdate, because it asks you for the year and month. Please either say “Enter birthdate” or get rid of the month and year or that will drive me crazy.

  6. Paul says:


    The site will be open in beta form from the beginning of next month

  7. Dave says:

    I have left it as “age” and removed the day/month/year and replaced it with a box to type in your age.

    And Daniel, drive you crazy? You only have to do it once :)

  8. FinalKiller0 says:

    Why do you want our real names?

  9. Nick says:

    I think your emailer silently fails on email addresses with +’s in them – and they’re totally valid. Gmail lets you do which I use compulsively for signing up for services. My first attempt to sign up with a + in my email didn’t work (I never got the email) but my second, without the plus, worked fine.

  10. John says:

    Oh man, I really can’t wait for this to come out! I’ve enjoyed Desktop TD, and now this?! I believe I have been living under a rock for the past few weeks.

  11. […] Reserve that username! As of now you can register an account with the Casual Collective. Registering an account will do three things. Firstly […] […]

  12. lynda says:

    just love your work ^^
    but I give up the last 2 fly in hard mode

  13. Roknar says:

    Save mine please

  14. grahamsnr says:

    great idea, would love to reserve my username

  15. Karan Goyal says:

    Wow, that will be awewsome, I am kinda addicted to that game :)

  16. MaxOwl says:


  17. Eric says:

    I have really enjoyed playing VectorTD and DesktopTD. Great work!

    I had the same issue mentioned earlier, about the mailer not liking email addresses with a ‘+’ sign in them. The RFC for emails does agree with google’s usage, and the + sign is indeed valid. If you could fix this, that would be much appreciated.


  18. Dave says:

    RE: + symbol in email address

    I first thought the + was making the format checking (regex) fail, but it was cool with the “+” character, so I sent a test to “dav+id” and it arrived however it was to “dav id” the + character was gone and replaced with a space. This would have prevented Google from filing the email into the correct account. I have corrected the problem and you can now register with email addresses containing a “+”

    Thanks to those who reported this problem.

  19. Dave says:

    Age, Real name and Gender are now optional fields. You will also be able to edit them at any point.

  20. col says:

    yo, love your work. simple and playable, which is missing from so many games these days. i’m in for multi.

  21. Dingolicious says:

    Kick ass! Reserved my name and read that not only will i keep that name now, but there’ll be some sort of reward?! :O:O:O:O:O:O I really hope it’s a gold star :P

    Anyway keep up the good work chaps and i hope to see this casual collective thing take off very soon :D


  22. ben says:

    hi i would register but by the time the site is ready i would of forgotten about it
    ps:when you play flash element save your cash

  23. Paul says:


    We will be sending you an email when the site goes live. This email will include your username. Also on the site there will be a way to find lost user names (by entering the email address you used to register)

  24. kurt biewald says:

    Dear Paul and Dave,

    the tower defense game is awesome

    if it was an arcade game in the 70s, I would have spent many many quarters on it

  25. Begeisterung says:

    Cool we can change our real name whenever we want, lol…

  26. david the beta tester for DTD says:

    I got David =)

    Looking forward to testing MPDTD =)


  27. socialorb says:

    Wow… this is interesting. I guess I am mad lazy but what is this Casual Collective? A game?

  28. Michael Proctor says:

    Can’t wait for a MP version of DTD, my wife and I haven’t stopped playing it since seeing a blog on it a month ago. Even my 6 yo likes it.

    GREAT WORK and look forward to the next incarnation of it

  29. kAmz™ says:

    i cnt w8 till i play MPDTD all mah friends in my computer class plays TD XD so i’ll noe they gonna luv wat i show em next

    // Edit by dave:
    TRANSLATION: I can not wait till I can play MPDTD, all my friends in my computer class play TDs, so I know they are going to love what I show them next.

  30. Ramuthra says:

    I must say the multiplayer idea intrigues me, will you at any point be atempting a co op style of game? i just feel this would be a natural progression for TD’s after taking it to the point which you are now (versus). i’d also like to know which of the TD’s you feel you’ll be taking the most inspiration from, desktop where you build your on maze, or flash element where the map style is chosen for you. I appreciate that at this point you probably won’t be able to answer these questions and if so i’ll keep an eye on this blog and hope i see the details emerge at a later point :)

  31. Dingolicious says:

    Ramuthra i believe the inspiration for desktop TD came from a warcraft 3 map called Autumn Tower Defense. It had 4 players, 2 spawns each, each spawn crossing into 1 other player’s area then exiting. 1 leak meant death. The layout of each player’s area in autumn td is the same as the layout of the DTD playing area.

    I might be wrong though, so don’t quote me on it!

  32. Split91022 says:

    Flash Element TD is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I made it to the part when the monster name is gg than died.

  33. fung says:

    nice game, thx

  34. Api says:

    Jogo viciante e simples. Mto bom.
    Alguem aí do Brasil?
    A very nice game. Maybe in X-Box, PS3. I don´t know how. haha
    – Big Grid (more spaces or lowest spaces)
    – A creature coming on all sides (Challenge)
    – Destroyer (Can destroy some towers without upgrades)
    – Half towers (it can be installed in half spaces)
    – “Fast Upgrader” (a tower just like “medicine” to fastest upgrade on near towers)
    – Timer Tower (simple tower when installed starts a sells timer)

    Please make my DT Dream come true… hehe
    (sorry for my wrong english)


  35. elpini says:

    It looks cool! Please, reserve my name!

  36. Lika_ says:

    Very nice game! thx

  37. Top_Dogg says:

    Please reserve my name. Thank you.

  38. kris says:

    heya dave whens mpdtd come out? i need to know because im addicted to your games
    also whats your email? i want to know a few things k?

  39. Paul says:


    You need to go to the Casual Collective site and register. We can’t do that for you!

  40. anticimex says:

    Looking fwd to multiplayer,DTD is already a top time killer for me!!!

  41. Gabriel says:

    Hey this game of TD 1.5 is awesome! One thing I dont like is the upgrade tower has very limited space around it. The money icon is yellow (which I dont get?) Can you make the money Icon green, it would help people distinguish money easier.

    Thanks for a great game!

  42. Paul C. says:

    looks like their site crashed.

  43. Dave says:

    My bad, it’s up now.

  44. amin2007 says:

    good,thanks very much

  45. LifeIsADancer says:


  46. Pinoyhero says:

    Hey guys, great game, my only real beef is that even on 10K mode, the 100 levels can’t be beat.

    PS. Juggling is impure

  47. 1w2w3w4w5 says:

    i like mpdtd because its extremely addictive game but attracts alot of people

  48. paul reeves says:

    this game is wicked however you need to sort the hackers out spoiling the true scores otherwise top notch

  49. DooSan says:

    WOOT! awsome TD game i cant w8 to play the finished multiplayer one.

  50. Lord of all things says:

    Give unto me

  51. Jordan says:

    what gives? i never got a confirmation email to activate my account?!

  52. shanksy says:

    woo im a HUGE fan of TD and canbt wait for this new game to be finished

  53. BARON says:

    im a huge Fan of TD, too~

  54. Felipe says:

    Ola api
    Sou brasileiro tb ( Porto Alegre )

    Tem uma comunidade do DTD no Orkut, apareçe la


    Hi api
    I’m brazilian too ( my city )

    an invitation to join the orkut community for DTD

  55. Anty says:

    Very nice game.

  56. Cuttie5123 says:

    hey ppl i LOVE dis game i CANT W8 fur de online one, I wonder…..wat will it be like or wat eva but i live DeskTopTD it is ausome but de otha 1 aint that good its kinda hard but……

  57. pieciax says:

    OMG!!! I wanna be a betatester!!! i’ve just registered:)

  58. Anonymous says:

    cant wait!

  59. koko says:

    im hooked to this game lol

  60. odomaster says:

    cool game! I’ve seen alot of them, but this sure is the best!
    (even better than the LOTR Battle for Middle Earth version, lol)
    Can’t wait for the site to be completed! ^^

  61. 1w2w3w4w5 says:

    i like to play mpdtd please allow me to play please

  62. Dudeikoff says:

    What is the Game?

  63. Pinoyhero says:

    Any update on timeline of the multi?

  64. Dave says:

    We are waiting for the license file for the unlimited pro games server.

  65. fishy (digoplet) says:

    O.o i cant wait and i wish it would be a little quicker >.> but gj and hope this is a huge succese

  66. CoYHoT says:

    Please reserve my name. Thank you.

  67. Messiah says:

    hurry up :(( i cant wait to play

  68. SJU says:

    I was trying to register last night, but the form wouldnt take any of my email adresses (@yahoo, @hotmail, @googlemail).
    Kept saying ‘Opps! there is a problem wit your email, please use another’
    I ran out of active mail accounts!!

    It was getting late so i figured id try and register today, and now the form is gone ;_;


  69. Voice says:

    Daaaamn beta is closed and now its invite-only!
    C’mon! :(

  70. JTI says:

    Sadness. Evidently Casual Collective is no longer accepting registrations? It’s by invite only? Oh dear, and I so badly wanted to reserve my TD username!

  71. albert says:

    nice TD game i love it and wanted to introduce it :) but cant register anymore

  72. Cursed VampLre says:

    Hey they said it is invite only =[
    so i was wondering if i could get an invite from an existing member if that would not be to hard to ask
    my email is

  73. sLashhammer says:

    Since u as webmaster got my mail now, could it be possible to invite me ;)

    ty Mchael

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