Week 3 Update

Better late than never right?

We kicked off last week by letting people register a username, considering there was noting else you could do on the site this has gone pretty well with an average of 495 accounts been created each day since the 14th.

The site has started to look like a finished product with areas been completed to what I would consider functional enough to call ‘Beta’. The friends list, which is now called ‘Your collective’, is probably the most important and innovative part of the site. It is basically a list of friends that updates to show you who is on line, and if any of them join or start a multiplayer game it alerts you and lets you join them in the same game with a single click. If you don’t have any friends :o( then you can use the game lobby to find and join games, much in the same way you do in ‘real’ games. Hopefully you will find some people you enjoy playing with and add them to your collective so you can join them in future games.

The MPDTD game development has gone well, there was a few days where Paul was either trying to track down a pesky bug or fighting with Flash (which seems to get very unstable with large classes) but all is well now. He is working on a new game mode which is a kind of ‘Super weapon’ mod that lets you attack the other players mazes and do other cool things, should be quite fun :o)

We are testing the site and game with some friends (that we know in the real world) and when everything is a bit more polished we will start letting people in to join us, we don’t have a definite launch date in mind, but we’re thinking days not weeks. \o/


9 Responses to Week 3 Update

  1. KarlBeK0d3r says:

    ooo ooo ooo… can i help test? lol

    Im super looking forward to this. on vacation with no internet access on saturday for one week.. hopefully be done before i get back =)

  2. Ryan says:

    Please consider building a Facebook application that lets you sync your Facebook friends with your Collective and get Casual Collective updates through your Facebook news feed. The two websites seem like a natural pair!

    (If you need a programmer/designer to help with that aspect, give me a nudge. I think Casual Collective has a lot of potential to be fun, and I’ve been designing games for awhile myself. =D Even if you’re not looking for any help, cheers and good luck.)

  3. Brandon says:

    so does the last line mean it will be most likely before this month ends when we can play the game?

  4. BTM says:

    “we don’t have a definite launch date in mind, but we’re thinking days not weeks. \o/” screencast / screenshot time then, please? :D

  5. kris says:

    i want to try out your new game first im addicted to your games…

  6. Dingolicious says:

    days not weeks sounds good.

    i think this website will be taking up a lot of my time……….

  7. Seth1134 says:

    Sweet this means that it may be out b4 august??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Ill get on as soon as possible!!!

  8. Genome says:

    All Hail the TD! o/ o/ o/

  9. HiddenKenshin says:

    WHERE are these fora, who do I have to praise and what do I need to do to be with those first 100 people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant to play your multiplayer version.

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