Week 3 Update – Part 2

Just a little update to the update. Now that we have a few friends play testing MPDTD I have started to balance the game for multiplayer. I have already had to nerf one tower quite a lot so expect the towers to not have exactly the same stats that the single player towers do. I added in a couple of player-to-player weapons yesterday and they are proving to be quite fun judging from how much enjoyment I get when Dave shouts at me for using them on him :D. We are aiming for 5 player abilities in total and I’d suggest not sitting next to the person you are using them on!

The site itself is getting close to being beta ready and Dave has done a fantastic job so far on it. The whole process of finding and joining games is very elegant. When I think about all the code that has to run when a player clicks that ‘join’ button I’m surprised it works at all, especially as half the code is mine :o).

We are hoping to start opening up the site early next week by initially inviting up to a 100 or so players from our forums and other places. Once the site is stable with that load we will open it up further.
I am going to nag Dave this weekend to put up a gameplay video so you guys can take a look.


21 Responses to Week 3 Update – Part 2

  1. Dave says:

    Come over to mine mate and we can do a video of us playing it with some friends. Wanna capture the look on your face when I make your maze go black and stop you from buying, selling, upgrading :)

  2. Mikolaj says:

    Can’t wait…. any way to reserve a spot to be one of those first 100 people?

  3. kris says:

    you better do that dave… i want to see you guys playing your own game and see whos better?

  4. Paul says:

    @ Mikolaj

    When we run out of people we know, then we will probably start at the top of the pre-registered members list. But we’ll see – it may not come to that.

  5. Brandon says:

    it could be 1.5 beta testers + friends + 80 – 90 random other people

  6. brittlefish says:

    This is sounding better all the time and I can’t wait to try MPDTD, hopefully in beta (hint hint), but at least as soon as possible. :-)

  7. Seth1134 says:

    i hope not cuz i was like in the 2000ths i belive ;(

  8. JD says:

    I’m gona be one of that 100 I think cause I’m a mod on the site.
    and sadern and st and dan and david and blade and cloud and zodiac and teh-juggler

  9. Jan says:

    Maybe Dave & Paul are [loadsofhints]interested[/endloadsofhints] in female beta testers

  10. ZZzz says:


  11. Terry says:

    Paul & Dave,, my colleauges and me do very very have enjoiied the game created by you guys since last Friday which is the first time we play it, and also i am very happy to here the news that we could play the multiplayer mode, we are looking froward for this impllenmentation coming as soon as prossibel!

    Thank you for biring fun for us! Keep great wroking on this game!

  12. Noah says:

    I look forward to testing the multiplayer aspect for you guys. :)

  13. Skout says:

    There’s a 100-list to be in :P

  14. Warren says:

    So, how do I make sure I’m in this 100 player list ;-)

  15. cienX says:

    man this should be the most popular office game ever. I’m sure I’ll get fired over it :)

  16. SuperMarioLuigi says:

    I would like to be chosen for the 100 player list thing. I would also like to know how to get on the 100 player list ,too.

  17. Gin_icecubes says:

    yea im soo pumped for this and i can’t wait. 100 players… got my fingers crossed

  18. Jonas says:

    Sure, it would be nice to be a swedish betatester of this fabulous game :D I like most of the wc3 maze maps, and this sounds a bit better!

  19. Spina says:

    I’ve been checking your blog twice daily since this post. My patience isn’t handling this wait too well. Please work quickly. This is gonna be the sweetest thing ever.

  20. Narrator says:

    Just me, but I think that the people who are coming on this blog often would be good beta testers. Hint, hint.

  21. […] venture Casual Collective with the promise that beta testing would be granted to those users. And lucky Techlife got invited today, oh the things we do for our […]

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