Week 4 Update – The dawn of the private beta.

We started the week by opening the private beta and letting people into the Collective, the first 20 or so were Friends of ours and then after that it was on a first-register first-invited basis as we worked our way through the registration list. All seems to be going well, we had some pretty funny bugs in the MPDTD game which Paul sharply fixed but other than that it has mostly been event free.

This afternoon we invited our 1,000th member. Out of the 1,000 invited only 400 have logged in, which seems a little low considering all email addresses were validated, and as they all registered on day one you would think they would be the most eager to use it.  Nevermind, it has been good that the influx of players was steady as we were able to keep on top of bug reports, and even with only 400 responding it is pretty easy to get other people to join your game with around 30 to 50 on line at any one time.

For those of you who have not yet had your invite email I made a super quick YouTube video which should give you some idea as to how the site and game look and function. I put in some footage of Paul leaking (which is quite rare) and then the look on his face at the end of the video, priceless. We have also encouraged the beta players to blog & make videos, so keep an eye out for those.

Both Paul and I took part in an interview for Business 2.0 a couple of weeks ago, the interview is now online and talks about our games, how we both started out, and our plans for the Collective.

If next week goes as well as this week we should be opening our doors to everyone very soon! but don’t quote me on that :o)


27 Responses to Week 4 Update – The dawn of the private beta.

  1. 3dot says:

    Maybe I’m going blind from all the beta testing, but I can’t honestly see a single link on the blog to the new site. Can that possibly be? How can you not have a link to the game the blog is about??

  2. I wrote a big follow-up article in my syndicated column and blog as I was invited in. I have som nice screen captures, some advice/feedback. I have already had readers email me about getting and invite despite that I put the sign up form in the article.


  3. ZZzz says:

    I was hte 1001st.

  4. Wood says:

    I have no idea if I was in the 1st 1000, but my confirmation email when I signed up went straight to my spam folder instead of my inbox, so that could be part of the problem with the low responses.

  5. 13enster says:

    I don’t remember what number I was either, but hopefully we get our invites soon :D

  6. andy says:

    I have the name slef2003 reserved and have received an email with a code to log in with but there is not a link to where I should log in…I know i can be pretty simple but is there any chance of posting it here?

  7. Dave says:

    lol andy, nice try.
    The email had a link and no code, you just logged in using your username / password you registered with.

    Worth a go though right? :)

  8. carazy says:

    So i can’t believe u wasn’t one of the firtst 1000 but if you want to invite me i would be sure to test it :)

  9. Narrator says:

    I know I wasn’t in the first 1000. From the video it looks good, can’t wait to start playing!

  10. starbork says:

    Great job guys, keep it coming! I play DTD every day (still trying to beat the Spawn Tides challenge) and am really looking forward to MDTD! I’d make a great beta tester if you need to bring in more folks (I’m actually game QA by profession :D )

  11. Arpit says:

    When will I get my invite :(

  12. SmalHans says:

    Oh gawd I wish I knew about this earlier. Id kill someone to get in beta :(

  13. Mike Blasdel says:

    Aww… I guess I wasn’t in the first 1000. Oh well. Looks like its gearing up to be a great game.

  14. JerryJackson says:

    Just a lame little update, I’m pretty sure I remember what my username was (JerryJackson), but I’m still struggling to figure out my pass…

  15. JerryJackson says:

    Holy crap in desperation to try out the beta I went back and checked the email I recieved… low and behold there really IS a way to change my pass… I must have been so excited to try it out I over looked it.

    Please delete my comments.

  16. Craig says:

    Woah, did you make all of that in flash?

  17. jayinchicago says:

    Hey, where’d it go?

  18. Paul says:

    updates :)

  19. MattyT says:

    When is the next batch of 1000 getting invited??? I *NEED* this in my life! :D

  20. Cleddau says:

    I received my invite but forgot the password (have sent the email), and now off to France for some hols.

    See you on MPTD … login permitting, week Sunday.

  21. Cyber34 says:

    Damn MDTD is hilariously fun, 3 matches played, 3 won (though they’re not showing up as wins :/). Beating shufflers is great.

  22. Ludd says:

    Yey! I’m in, but still getting lag problems, :P, Good Job Guy’s, keep it up!

  23. Jehebi says:

    I’m trying to get into the beta (I have no idea how) but anyway, anyone care to clear up how MPDTD actually works?

  24. CasinoJack says:

    I must say, I’m loving MPDTD and the ‘collective’ as a whole – brilliant idea.

    With the exception of some parts of the colour scheme, the website is impressively accessible.

    The only issue I have with the game itself is lag in the later stages of larger (6 player) games causes a fair few kicks. However, this may merely be due to a crappy connection/computer.

    Apart from that, 5-star all the way.

    Best of luck,

  25. nosejam says:

    Yeah the mail was filtered out as spam for me, good thing I check it every few days though, multiplayer is much more fun imo.

  26. 13enster says:

    w00t, got my invite! This game is easily the best TD I have played to date.

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