Blogging milestone #1

It was created 2 months and 11 days ago
It has been in the top 100 WordPress blogs for 72 days straight. At it’s peak it had 4,877 hits in a single day.

And today ladies and gentlemen, our blog will get it’s 100,000th hit!

So thanks to all of you for reading!
More Casual Collective news following shortly :o)


6 Responses to Blogging milestone #1

  1. ExcessEnergy says:

    The blog of Paul & Dave
    Paul & Dave, the creators behind a slew of popular TD games have joined forces to produce some damn fine free online games for y’all to play. For more info please see the “What’s this all about?” link at the top of the page.

    Blog Stats
    93,139 hits

    Pfffft LIAR!

  2. Dismeeir says:

    its only because i keep forsaking the rss feed and checking to see if cas-col is up :P (maybe the rss hasnt updated yet! NOOOO-) a new bout of angst with every click! look what you are doing to me!

  3. You mis=spelled “straight” unless that is non-American way of spelling or you mean a tiny piece of land. :) Great news guys.

  4. My Kids Info says:

    This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

  5. nabbeloff says:

    can someone get me in. pleace.
    or give me a way to get in

  6. Jogos says:

    congrats, that’s a great number

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