Week 5.5 Update (in the form of a list)

Since update 5.0

  • We have purchased the unlimited connections license for the games server (the software the game uses to talk to the server) we also upgraded to the ‘pro’ version which lets us send much smaller packets of data between the client and the server and is also more secure.
  • We re-wrote the way in which the games talk to the server (again) to greatly reduce the occurrences of lost scores and false disconnects and also make it more secure.
  • We consolidated the member upgrade options to a single package. There is no more Silver or Gold, Silver now gets the works!
  • We decided that the site will now launch as an invitation only system where you can only join if you are given an invite key by an existing member, we did this to keep the growth steady and to help keep the current close knit feel the private beta has.
  • We added Country ‘super groups’ which will enable members to see how their score compares to the rest of their country. More importantly it will make playing games and chatting with people who speak your own language a snip!
  • All members can now create groups, they can even password protect them to control who they let join which is great for school/college/work groups.

Some preemptive answers to questions I am sure you have:

  • All those who register before we go live will be let in when we go live.
  • Each user gets unlimited invites, however they are limited on the number of pending invites they can have at any one time.
  • People who are invited also get unlimited invites.
  • Even though Silver now has all the benefits of Gold it still has the same cost
  • We do not have an exact launch date & time, but we are still aiming for this week.

That’s all I can think of right now.

If you have any questions just post a comment and I will be glad to answer it as best I can.


32 Responses to Week 5.5 Update (in the form of a list)

  1. László says:

    can’t wait :)

    someone, if you can, please invite me… my mail is laszlovandenhoek at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance :)

  2. It’s great to see Silver still has the same cost, but… what IS the cost?

  3. Dave says:

    The introductory cost for 30 days of upgraded goodness is $5 (USD). When you upgrade you can add up to 4 friends to upgrade at the same time for an additional $1 each.

    So you and 3 friends would be $8, you could take it in turns every 30 days or you collect $2 off each of them :o)

  4. CasinoJack says:

    So, is the only limit to free accounts the ‘Player Limit’? Or are certain game modes/game options or other features of the site restricted as well?


  5. Dave says:

    So were in MP-DTD interface do we send an invite?

  6. Dave says:

    @Dave: When the site is done you will be able to send invites
    @CasinoJack: Free accounts can’t host big games, but they can join them, there is also limits on the modes you can select when hosting. Also there are limits on the number of groups you can create etc…

  7. John Head says:

    I did a review of the current gameplay on my blog … I am pretty pleased so far :-)


  8. Gustavo says:

    Hey guys, dont do a MDTD, please.

    i need to work!

  9. Guys no wait!!!!!! If you go invite only, then you will be submitted to inviteshare!!! Then you will have users falling from the sky in bucket loads!!!!!!

  10. Dave says:

    @John: Great review!
    @Darcy: If anyone is silly enough to give out invites to strangers then they risk their account been banned if any of those strangers break the sites guidelines.

  11. noethis says:

    So it sounds like there will be certain modes that only Silver members will be able to host. Does this mean that Free members will not be able to join these modes as well, or only that they won’t be able to host them?

  12. Narrator says:

    It all sounds good to me. I love the idea of using the invite only system rather than just having people sign up. Not only does it keep the growth steady, as you specified, but it also adds appeal to the site and makes people want to join it because it seems VIP-ish.

    Can’t wait for the site to go public!

  13. Dave says:

    @Noethis: FREE members will be able to join the UPGRADED members in their games that use modes that they would otherwise not be able to access.

    @Narrator: Spot on, It also stops what I think would be the biggest problem, people joining to just see what it’s about, then leaving half way through a game and never returning, which would leave many many dead accounts.

  14. Crypt says:

    By registering do you mean reserving your username and validating your email?

  15. Jjfunaz says:

    Please please please someone invite me to the beta. My username is jjfunaz. I’ve been playing dtd and vector td and elemental td and circle td forever!! Thanks!!

  16. Markintosh says:

    What game server software are you using?

  17. Koji says:

    Invite only…. that just plain stupid… I mean if you don’t know anyone playing it… how in the world would you ever get an invite… and then on top of that. You have to pay to play. Without ever trying out the game. sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

  18. Paul says:


  19. Kalon says:

    I received an invite last Saturday but have been unable to sign in because I forgot my password. I tried responding to the invite email twice but haven’t heard anything back. Do you have an automated way to reset one’s password?

  20. Dave says:

    Many sites have started out as invite only, and given the benefits listed in the article it is far from “plain stupid”. I have no idea why you think that the site is pay to play, and even worse, you don’t get to play the game at all unless you pay… Let me be very clear with the help of CAPS LOCK and some exclamation marks (as this is very important)

    You can play for free all day long, all year round, 24×7, without spending a penny!

    There is an OPTION to upgrade, and those that do CHOOSE to upgrade will be able to host larger games with more modes, but those that don’t CHOOSE to upgrade will still be able to join those games.

    Over the last 2 days I have had over 100 emails asking for password resets. As we are going live VERY soon (touch wood) I am going to wait, when the site goes live there is a password reset page. All accounts that register before we go live will be included in the invite only beta.

  21. Ludd says:

    that means that im gonna get my pass again?

  22. Dave says:

    ? your pass again ?
    If you have registered already, when the site goes live you will be able to log in, if you forget your username or password between now and then there will be automated help on the site to sort you out :o)

  23. Jjfunaz says:

    Dave, pleease hook me up and send me an invite to beta.

  24. ZZzz says:

    That won’t be fair on me. I beta tested but will be stuck at free eventually :(

  25. Ludd says:

    Dave, i was in beta testing, but i tried to change my pass, but then i couldent get in anymore, it did not accept any of the passwords i had, thats why i mean get àss again :P

  26. […] Techlife has invites to the private Casual Collective, the casual gaming multi-player site we have been beta testing for a little while now.  To get one, comment and we will invite you.  This will get you a free invite to the Multi-player Desktop Tower Defense. […]

  27. Koji says:

    Hey Dave,

    Sorry about the misunderstanding. I didn’t see the reply you had to @CasinoJack:, because before that, all the talk was about silver, gold and how much each will be. Nowhere else did it mention that there was a free account also.

  28. Doom says:

    I wish i could get an invite so i could play when MPDTD is live

  29. mingler says:

    hey, i wanted to register for this forum , but cant find the register site, everytime i click on the link thats supposed to be there i get error 404 : link not found

  30. tom says:

    plaese send me a invite on tomaztt AT gmail DOT com

  31. Heather says:

    Can I get an invite please? Thanks! :D

  32. paradoxplus says:

    plz could u send me an invite plz

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