The ‘Digg effect’ on the Collective.

It was bound to happen, even though we were invite only and there was no way to get into the collective without an invite from an existing member the Collective got dug, and then dug again, and then dug some more. We even made it into the top 10 with 947 diggs.

It all started when a Digg member called scrag_10 started a group called, you guessed it, ‘Digg’ and started handing out invites on Those that accepted the invites posted their own and so on. In the 3 days that followed we gained 1,554 members as a direct result of the invites they shared.

But what are these Diggers doing on the collective?

  • 645 have joined the Digg group
  • Collectively they have played 7,258 games
  • Sent 118 PM’s
  • And posted 354 shouts

Although 422 have yet to play a game on the site, 443 have played 5 or more with one Digger playing 65 games, which is quite impressive as the average game time is 15minutes!

Even more crazy is that if we take the average game time and the number of games Diggers have played, collectively they have spent 1,814.5 hours in a game, that’s over 75 days!

All good things must come to an end it seems, the Digger join rate peaked at 882 members on the 19th and was down to 119 on the 20th. Still, Digg has a pretty big presence on the Collective now accounting for 12% of the current membership, Digg tastic!

And of course, you can Digg this article.


14 Responses to The ‘Digg effect’ on the Collective.

  1. Wally says:

    Phew, thank goodness I’m not the digger that played the most # of games.

    Good stuff guys. I’m very impressed with the game. Been playing TD since Warcraft 3 and it’s still ridiculously addictive.

  2. 13enster says:

    Can you digg it?


  3. mishsquish says:

    Big ups so far!

    Try to listen to the players for potential things that you think work. They may not work for the “clients” and vice versa.

    I’m sure you’re onto it, but I’ll be damned if I see you fail. :P

  4. […] The ‘Digg effect’ on the Collective. It was bound to happen, even though we were invite only and there was no way to get into the collective without an […] […]

  5. nabbeloff says:


  6. NABBELOFF says:

    I love all kinds of td:) and I’ve ben tryning to get into the collective since it started.. so Im asking again PLEACE^^,

  7. NABBELOFF says:

    You’re so right wally.. wc3 td is addictive:P

  8. Narrator says:

    You probably could just do a quick google search or go on digg and easily find a invitation.

    Man I am getting disconnected a lot since the update. I was on a roll by finishing 2nd place or better in my last 8 games and finally got over 100 points. Then I get disconnected twice, yet I had no signs of it lagging (before I have had) and now I find myself with 75 points. Crap.

  9. nabbeloff says:

    thanks is there some kind of key word I should type in??

  10. nabbeloff says:

    !narrator! can u pleace get me in. PLEACE:P

  11. Narrator says:

    Sent you an invite…

  12. nabbeloff says:

    How do I register.. I still can’t get in.. * im sorry to nag so much* * so exited* :P

  13. nabbeloff says:

    I still can’t get in.. What to do?? do I get the key on e mail

  14. Marcelo says:

    I just love and spend several hours on this game!
    Please send me an invite!!


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