What the buggle?!

The collective is progressing well (if we do say so ourselves) this week has seen almost daily updates to the site and in the background both Paul and I have been working on 2 new games. The first one we hope to release is called “Buggle” and should be live this month, quickly followed by the 2nd game named “Desktop Armada”.

A 2 to 4 player game called Buggle.
You win rounds by controlling the most number of “buggles” (bug like blobs) on the screen. BuggleWhen the game starts the buggles are moving around at random and after a few seconds they slow to a stop and you have to decide where to place a marker. When all players have placed a marker the buggles start to move again. Any buggle that passes close enough to your marker is converted to your color. Converted buggles will then go on to convert / recruit others that pass close enough to them. You watch as your influence spreads out until all buggles have been converted. Now here comes the tactical part… You get a 2nd marker to place to try and either take some buggles from other players or defend the ones you already have. When all players have placed the 2nd marker the process repeats and when all buggles have been converted the round is over. In time we plan to add “Super powers” which will give you many new ways to convert other players buggles over to your color :o)

Not yet registered? No way of getting an invite?
We have seen many people posting comments asking for invites, the Collective is still invite only and you need to know someone who is already a member to get an invite, however as a thank you for reading our blog the first 1,000 people to use the link below will be able to register on the Collective. Once registered you will be able to send your own invites and of course play the first Flash based multi player TD, click here to register!

10 Responses to What the buggle?!

  1. Eric Herboso says:

    Buggle certainly looks interesting. I can’t wait to try it. (c;

  2. btmpl2 says:

    Hope it plays better that it sounds ;>

  3. jeremilhau says:

    This game is pure fun and strategy !

  4. Xnegd says:

    The game is really fun!!!

    You really need to put in a timer though. At least three times someone has froze, and the game could go on.

  5. […] you need a quick break from a bad day try out Paul and Dave’s new game of Buggle on Casual Collective. I’m not sure how to best describe it. Maybe a multiplayer stadegy game […]

  6. Fab says:

    Guys, sorry to bug(gle) but if one of you can invite me to casual collective I’d appreciate greatly!! my email is fthiau -at- hotmail
    thanks! Fab

  7. Fab says:

    Actually I clicked on the link above and got it. wooohoooooo!!! Thanks!!! :-) (so I don’t need an invite)

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks for the invite. Flash games are always more fun when they’re competitive.

  9. Hawlster25 says:

    looks like critters is the superior buggle player…

    I love buggles!!!

    P.S. Grr you have the better first move in that pic.

  10. Estelle says:

    Love it, awesome game yet so simple.

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