Avast there me hardys!

<start silly pirate voice>
Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, I be showing ye land lubbers a peep of me new time sink… Desktop Armada!
</end silly pirate voice>

OK  Desktop Armada doesn’t have pirates in it, but it is a game involving ships and I don’t need much of an excuse to talk like a pirate :o)

2 blue ships are spotted by reds battleship.As I reported in our last post Paul has been working on the 3rd multiplayer game for the Casual Collective “Desktop Armada”

The aim of the game is simple, use your base to build ships, give them instructions on what path to take and send them on their way. The other player is doing the same and any ships that pass in range of each other engage. There are 4 different ships, all with their own unique abilities and all can be upgraded 2 times.
The game play is great fun, there is fog of war so you can’t see what ships the other player is making nor where they are sending them, you may think you have the other player on the run only to see a whole fleet of ships emerge out of the fog and hammer your base to pieces! Of course it is even more fun when you send ships down the edge of the map and flank the artillery of your enemy :o) We hope to get Desktop Armada  up as a BETA very soon for upgraded members to host and all members to play  (the same way Buggle worked when it was BETA)

Talking of Buggle… it is very close to losing it’s BETA armbands as we believe all the bugs with the scores and different opperating systems playing together are now fixed, once this is done work can start on adding more modes as well as the very cool “Super Powers” mode… prepare to explode some buggles!

Until next time, Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!


19 Responses to Avast there me hardys!

  1. Miek says:

    Zomg, looks AWESOME!

  2. Fredward says:

    Looks like great fun!

  3. Ham says:

    Nice, cant wait to play, when’s it planned to be released?

  4. Neat. How does one get on your beta list?

  5. Teh_Lemon says:

    Oh my god, man, this looks AAAAWESSSOOOME!!!

    I wonder- is the object to destroy the base, or…? Not sure i get on how to win. Oh well, i’ll figure it out soon enough!!

  6. Murph89 says:

    I’m sure I don’t have to wait for the beta to know you guys have done it again- you make a unique game, with an addicting twist of a strategy element, and the game doesn’t even come with a textbook for an instruction manual (see Civilization). It even will cost me as much time as those textbook games. Off to buggle then…

  7. zelab says:

    Awesome game! Cant wait!

  8. Daniel says:

    Looks cool! Can’t wait for it to be released

  9. ogremkv says:

    When this goes beta, I’m signing up for a full membership!

  10. scott47 says:

    That looks like fun, it reminds me of a more intricate and advanced version of battleship

  11. LJohnstone says:

    I want!


  12. Somebody else says:

    how do you get the game???????

  13. Dingolicious says:

    Wow gief.

  14. Dave says:

    Ooooh, 14 comments while I slept, I will try and answer them all:

    Ham: “when’s it planned to be released?”
    As a BETA this week!

    sarekofvulcan: “How does one get on your beta list?”
    Join the collective and look for an upgraded member hosting or upgrade to host your own. All other non-beta games can be hosted by non upgraded members.

    Teh_Lemon: “is the object to destroy the base, or…?”
    Yes, the ships try to make it across the map to the middle enemy base to destroy it, once destroyed it’s game over man!

    And to all the other commenter’s… cheers!

  15. Carlos says:

    Oh no! another addictive gaming coming from you guys – I guess my boss won’t be too pleased… Ehehehe :)

  16. AndyE says:

    I assume that you’ve checked that Armada doesn’t also have the multi-OS bug?

  17. Andy says:

    This looks like it will only be for 2 players. Is that correct?
    I think a 4 player version could be possible with an octagon shaped playing field.
    Actually, making this into an octagon shaped field would make things more interesting too.
    Anyway, looking forward to this. You two have made this an art form.

  18. Hi5 Codes says:

    I’ve played this game and grown addicted to it… ruinious! haha

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