How much time do you spend a week playing casual games?

A month ago I started logging how long each player spent in a game, the clock started when the game started (so this does not include time spent in the game lobby) and stopped as soon as they either finished the game, quit or lost. I recorded it down to the nearest second and on a per-game basis. This gives me a very nice stat which I can look at in many different ways, and you know me, I lub teh stats!In the last 7 days (9th Oct to 16th Oct) 2,867 members have played 26,700 games and spent 4,577 hours doing so! That’s an average of 9.3 games and 1 hour 35 minutes for each player, nice and casual. But as with all averages there are the extremes…

There are some members who you may call the not-so-casual gamer. The most ‘hardcore’ of whom has spent 35 hours in the last 7 days playing 248 games on the Collective, an average of 5 hours a day! Time for a table me thinks :o)

Rank Username Last 7 days play time Daily average
1 lillpata 35.08 hours 5.01 hours
2 Q4lady 30.48 hours 4.35 hours
3 alexhiggins 23.94 hours 3.42 hours
4 jarius 21.65 hours 3.09 hours
5 message 20.25 hours 2.89 hours
6 AD2ch 18.72 hours 2.67 hours
7 Cisz 18.60 hours 2.65 hours
8 dogOTunderworld 17.54 hours 2.51 hours
9 petercarey 17.41 hours 2.48 hours
10 filuren 16.88 hours 2.41 hours

In the top 10, 4 members are not upgraded and 6 are. Those that have upgraded are getting their jollies for between $0.03 and $0.07 an hour. It goes to show that you can have fun for nothing or next-to-nothing, take that big game companies! viva la <casual> revolution! :o)


9 Responses to How much time do you spend a week playing casual games?

  1. Ham says:

    Holy Crap!!!

  2. lillpata says:

    Yes very Casual indeed :)
    Oh boy. and Im supposed to be programming for my college class
    gotta learn to prioritize my time :p

  3. LennyRRT says:

    I thank God I’m not on the top ten list because my wife would make me sleep on the deck if she found out.

  4. mgriffiths says:

    Can we see the rest of the list? I am pretty sure that I am in the top 20. LOL

  5. casuallyconnect says:

    Casual takes on a whole new meaning. I found this fitting:

  6. Even though these aren’t their real names, these guys will be constantly harassed by fans and loosers who don’t have the common sense and decency to play over at least an hour a day…

  7. Dave says:

    Great youtube find casually, no one go turning up on my doorstep (less u have blue flowers)

  8. Fredward says:

    I didn’t even make the list…

    I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that.

  9. Kemmler says:

    I wnated my name to be on the table, scorlling down quickly, until I realised what it was for :D

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