9 days and 6,099 hours later…

That’s right, in the last 9 days the members of the Collective have racked up over 6,000 hours of game play, that’s over 254 days of killing creeps, capturing buggles and sinking ships! This does not include the time spent in the game lobby, the new LIVE chat room and surfing the 879 user created groups we now have!

While they have been playing Paul and I have gone update CRAZY! Desktop Armada has gone from strength to strength and is not far from losing its BETA water wings. The site has gained a chat room and many many other small changes and features have been added.

The week ahead is going to be equally busy as we will be updating the look of the site, making it more user friendly for first time users (in preparation for shedding the invite only system) and work will start on some new multi player games! Exciting times lie ahead!


3 Responses to 9 days and 6,099 hours later…

  1. ybul says:

    How about adding random creep order to give MP-DTD a little more life for long time CC fans.

  2. Harishankar says:

    How about adding unlimited $ in fun section. That would be more fun and can learn more about the towers. Now 10K is very less when I use Bash towers. :)

  3. Mrzhalt says:

    Nice, but you should sure sleep more.. http://www.sleepisforpossys.com... hahahahhaha^^, Dont follow those guidelines :)

    Aaaaaaand.. Update on how many games etc..? :D

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