We have set a ‘go-live’ date!

Paul and I have set the end of this month as a target to get the Collective open to the public, as to if we hit it or overshoot is anyones guess ;o) We have a few things to do between now and then, things to look out for over the next few weeks include:

Making the site more easy to use & more easy on the eye.
We have started doing this by adding small videos of the games, added forum and group searches as well as tags to help link groups. We also plan to add video tutorials for every game as well as improve the instruction pages. Usability is something we will always be working on, the menu layout and functionality has had 2 complete re-writes in as many weeks!

Complete and add release Flash Element TD 2. (YouTube preview)
A single player sequel to Flash Element TD (which is on the brink of hitting 60 million plays in 10 months!!) We hope this sequel will prove to be as popular, it should do even better as it has more options and features and will have all the benefits of been part of the Collective (group leader boards, comparing scores with friends, forum, etc.)

Complete and release Desktop Armada Single player edition.
A mission based single player version of our current hottest multi player game. This should not only be great fun but also prepare people for the multi player version if they are new to the site, win win :o)

Make the groups even better!
I recently made it possible to assign other group members as admins, remove people from your groups, add tags to your groups to help find it in searches and provide a ‘similar groups’ list, and edit & delete past group news items. Next on my hit list is to add mini-forums to the groups to let people have threaded discussions. We will also be giving the group owners & admins more powers in their groups!

And if we have time…
Moving  Desktop TD single player over to the collective with a few new tweaks! And create ANOTHER multi player flash game!!

So there you have it, a busy week ahead for us both and good things for you members :o) Please add a comment if you have any questions or whatever, and if you are not yet a member and can’t wait a few weeks you can always use the Blog invite key to create an account and get playing today!


23 Responses to We have set a ‘go-live’ date!

  1. SpamDog says:


    Hopefully this will mean a new influx of players!

  2. Raspel says:

    sounds great :)

  3. MainstreaM says:

    Congrats on the work so far, and on the challenging target!

    I hope you’ll get the single player DTD in as test for the MP version mode in there… as the change from DTD to MPDTD is very large, that also is required to sharpen your skils and win, win, win !!!

  4. Lauriebravo says:


  5. Lazerouth says:

    So, it will be christmas this year, after all ;-)

  6. Dave says:

    A very Casual Christmas :)

  7. Draco says:

    Great news guys, thanks for all the hard work and the many tweaks and changes. The Collective is looking better everytime I log in lately. :- )

  8. […] Blog von den Entwicklern von Desktop TD und Flash Element TD steht, das das Casual Collective bald seine Türen […]

  9. turniphead says:

    Any plans to bring farragomate into the collective?

  10. Dave says:

    We will be making a copy of Farragomate for the collective.

  11. turniphead says:

    That’s great news! Loving the collective, keep up the good work.

  12. mush says:

    good luck guys! you are an inspiration to many aspiring gamer producers.

  13. Tadius says:

    I saw on Digg that Vector TDx is live on Candystand. Loads of good news today. Congratulations!


  14. Elke says:

    Great news! More games coming… can’t wait to see that! :D

  15. Dulux says:

    Godd luck guys. Look forward to seeing this site inb various internet ags etc?? Jane

  16. Misterhola says:

    i can’t wait…. cuz i don’t have an invite in on the collective : (

  17. Kemmler says:

    Cool! Waiting

  18. Jay says:

    heyy this is good cause i keep trying to find a day you guys are open so i can join and i never find one lol.

  19. Jay says:

    heyy this is good cause i keep trying to find a day you guys are openj so i can join and i never find one lol.

  20. Dave says:

    Look on some past blog posts, we have given an invite key that can be used to join at the end of some of the articles.

  21. […] Work on Flash Element TD 2 (FETD2) has been going at a pace on the run-up to the Collectives “go-live” date at the end of this month *bites nails* and I have taken some time out to do a quick […]

  22. eJoJ's blog says:

    […] you can try to visit Paul and Dave’s Blog where the there is a "Blog Invite Key" located here « previous page   (Page 1 of 1, totaling 2 entries)   next page […]

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