FETD2 is live, Info on upcoming games & San Fransisco here we come!

FETD2Flash Element TD 2 was launched on the 14th (a week ago) and has significantly increased the activity on the Collective, it is already coming up on its first million plays! It was well received in a Jay is Games review and has gone down a storm in Norway! All those long nights I guess. Hats off to Dave for creating another quality TD. Click here to play FETD2

Now that FETD2 is live we have been planning out our game output for the next few months and we have some exciting games lined up. Well we would say that wouldn’t we :o)

I am working on a semi-real time, multiplayer strategy game – code named ‘Minions’. It is heavily team based with up to 10 players per side and features upgradeable units, a multi-screen map and deformable terrain! It has some cute AI features in it as well. Hopefully it will go to Alpha this week and after play testing we will decide what kind of graphical theme suits it, and maybe even give it a name.

Pirates!There are pirates ahoy on the Collective! We are in collaboration with a very talented independent flash developer who is working on a sea-based mini-rpg with a great setting and a cool fighting mechanic. It is our largest project yet and is several months away from completion but we hope to show some screen shots in the next few weeks.

From the same developer we also have in the works a smaller death match multi player game based on the same engine as the rpg. For players who like to shoot first and ask questions later. Should be wood-splinteringly fun :o)

After ‘Minions’ is completed I will be “relaxing” by adding some more missions to Desktop Armada and making it more accessible to new players.

We have booked our flights, sorted a hotel and are looking forward to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in Feb, time to see how real people make games :o) If you are going keep an eye out for 2 blokes wondering around trying to look like we know what we are doing :o)


15 Responses to FETD2 is live, Info on upcoming games & San Fransisco here we come!

  1. Imok20 says:

    I can’t wait – keep up the good work. If you’re in need of any alpha-testers, shoot me an email, I’d be glad to extensively test it.

  2. HUgo says:

    Nice, im interested in testing minions, ive been in the group for a while…

  3. Kutagh says:

    Sounds interesting.
    I wouldn’t mind beta-testing the deathmatch game, but try to keep it small maps and a fast gameplay maybe?
    From the remaining community at Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force they are often playing in these kind of maps, because of the quick rounds. It is elimination as well then but still :P
    I got a few idea’s for it, feel free to email me for those. They include weapons (various kinds of them) and maps for example.

  4. loganlocke says:

    Awesome i wanna beta minions tooo

    lolz :) critters and grrr awre gonna look stupid at the convention

  5. smithy92 says:

    Interesting news! Can hardly wait for the new games.

    I gladly accept all eventual Alpha and Betas tryouts.

  6. p00pd0g says:

    Minions looks like it will be a ball and is a great concept!

    It’s great you guys are taking this on full-time and are really advancing the community-based casual games!

  7. flippy says:

    looking forward to it, i would gladly test them too if you need anyone =D best wishes

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  9. Henrik says:

    Hi! I appreciate all the work you guys put into this, and I’m especially looking forward to more strategy games with less arcade but more thinking.

  10. blunt3r says:

    Can’t await it and would be glad to take part in a test!

  11. moontear says:

    Wowwowow guys, you are really trying to make a living off of this huh? I like it! For those wanting to beta/alpha test: become an upgraded member on Casual Collective and you will be one of the first.

    Love all the new ideas, love CC. Keep it coming guys! I think it should be about time that some bigger computer magazine finds you and posts a small article about you, THAT would bring some publicity and visitorZ

  12. IZnogoud says:

    Well, what can i say except good luck and keep up the good work. Oh i know, i’d be glad to be a beta tester ( i’ve beta tested some other stuff and so far its been good) xD

  13. aggixx says:

    I’d love to alpha-test Minions, just give me a email if need any.

  14. legoman1555 says:

    I just have one thing to say: Try not make the graphics in Minions too complicated, because, with 20 players, it would cause serious lagging.

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