If I had 1¢ for every load…

Flash Element TD 1 has now had over
One Hundred Million loads!

You can see all the stats here which includes a list of the 12,000+ sites that are currently hosting a copy of the game.

What I find amazing is that for the last 8 months the loads per month has gone up, last month saw 7.3m loads!

What I find annoying is that if I had only 1¢ for every time someone loaded the game I would be a millionaire by now :o(

But with the majority of loads taking place on sites other than my own and with early versions of the game not including any advertising (Mochiads was still in closed Beta when I launched), I am unable to do much about it.

So I have learned that it is important to build advertising into even the beta releases of your games (or URL lock them to prevent people from taking them until you have advertising in place) and to give yourself a way of tracking your game across multiple sites.

Some tools all independent flash developers should be using include:

Mochibot: Track your swf, find out who is hosing a copy of your game and with a list of the top 10 hosts you could maybe contact them to inform them of updates (though I have found most tend to ignore us developers, an attitude they will have to change if they want to continue to compete)

Mochiad: Plays a short ad while your game loads, you get money for clicks and views no matter where your game is loaded from.

SWF Encrypt™ 5.0: A tool that encodes your swf making it impossible (or at least very hard) for someone to use a swf decompiler to gain access to the source of your game. Without it someone could remove things like ads, tracking code and even change the graphics to make it look like a new game without having to do much work at all.

Any other tools you think we should be using or any questions you have, please leave a comment.


7 Responses to If I had 1¢ for every load…

  1. Kars-T says:

    I believe that mochiad is a great way for you to earn money with your games and not beeing afraid of people robbing you work! The only problem about mochiads seem that they host 90% of boring ads I won’t click on and my Firefox Adblock plugin can block them without stopping the game to load.

    But I really was shocked how easily a .swf could be recompiled and the assets changed. There are so many TD Games that just seem to be a clone of DTD…

    Best regards,


  2. flippy says:

    yea, it kinda makes me mad that there are so many TD games after you guys made such huge sucess

  3. Dave says:

    Why? There are some fun TD’s out there now.

  4. flippy says:

    just the fact that you guys came up with your own original idea, they take that and ruin it most of the time…

  5. Blaze says:

    Flippy is right. Here’s an example of someone practically stealing FETD. All they did was change the art and slap their name on it. http://www.muchgames.com/index.php?CAT=Strategy&GAME=Shock%20Defence

    I say they’re too similar.

  6. Joe Delako says:

    How about a Flash Element TD with more levels? Any plans in the works for something like this?

    Why did you guys make Vector TDX impossible to get past level 37? I don’t know of anyone, anywhere that has done that. It’s impossible by design.

  7. Why don’t you guys put adsense on this blog? Sure it won’t make you as much money as ads on DTD, but who knows, maybe you’ll get to the 1 cent mark after that.

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