Back in good ol’ blighty… but not for long

We are back from San Francisco and the Social Gaming Summit, we had a great time meeting some new and familiar faces alike, we even had lunch with the one and only Soren Johnson (Civilization IV / Spore)

Work continues on the re-development of the CC site, we are aiming to go Alpha to a select few at the start of August and then public beta on the 17th August, EXACTLY one year on from when we first members were let into the current site, how time flies!

Paul and I are also going to be attending the Casual Connect event in Seattle 23 – 25th July. We will be stopping off in Toronto & Niagara falls on our way to join in with the first Casual Collective North America meet to say hi and thanks to some of our members, the main meet is on the 23rd but as we can not make it some of them are turning up early, awww bless :o)

We also have some pretty cool news about game releaces, the new site features and our more long term goals… but that can all wait for a future blog post >:)


5 Responses to Back in good ol’ blighty… but not for long

  1. iBotPeaches says:

    First reply!

    Great updates!

    I hope I’m CC 2.0 invited :)

  2. flippy says:

    thats cool i might go to niagra falls :D

  3. genghis says:

    Hey guys, are there any plans to add new towers to MPDTD or a follow-on game? To be honest I find Buggles and DA an order of magnitude less interesting and fun to play than the DT variants

  4. Noobleton says:

    You got to meet Soren Johnsen? Lucky people…

  5. kiko says:

    :o Seattle?? we should “meet” while you’re here.

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