Week 6 Update – The BETA is dead…. Long live the BETA!

Today we entered our 2nd phase, the invite beta. The 2 major changes over the private beta we left behind are:

  1. All those who registered before lunchtime today are now able to log into the site
  2. All members can send invites to friends which will allow them to join

We also launched with a couple of new game options, firstly the ability to hide your maze from the other players which great for those who worry about their new maze technique been copied. And secondly a mode in which some of the towers you can use are disabled.

Now I am off to sell invite keys to the highest bidder on eBay ;o)

// Edit @ 2:35am on a Sunday morning.
After having 1,700 join today (via invites from existing members) We now have 10,000 members! Weeeeee :o)


16 Responses to Week 6 Update – The BETA is dead…. Long live the BETA!

  1. […] Techlife has invites to the private Casual Collective, the casual gaming multi-player site we have been beta testing for a little while now.  To get one, comment and we will invite you.  This will get you a free invite to the Multi-player Desktop Tower Defense. […]

  2. zelab says:

    So I forgot to sign up awhile back…

    How much for one of them invite keys? :P

  3. Jackson says:

    can i have an invite please?

  4. Avery Knapp says:

    Can someone please send me an invite? aknappjr2003 at mailsnare.net

  5. […] Week 6 Update – The BETA is dead…. Long live the BETA! Today we entered our 2nd phase, the invite beta. The 2 major changes over the private beta we left behind are: […]

  6. Patrick S says:

    I am also desperate for an invite. Can someone send me a key? patrick.a.storer at gmail.com. You’d make me happier than a bullfrog.

  7. Dennis says:

    Hey Dave,
    I just tried searching for an invite on eBay but couldn’t find any. So I am assuming you are a liar :-D

    I would be happy if you could send an invite my way as I wanted to try this new goodie too but just didn’t have the time to register yet as I was in Budapest for the last 3 month.

  8. Ross Burke says:

    I hope I get an invite too

  9. myke says:

    I would like an invite, please:

    mykemyke at gmail dot com

  10. Jehebi says:

    If only the new beta testers could make games with super powers…

  11. David says:

    If you’re anxious for invites still, shoot me an IM or email. AIM: sorak185 MSN Messenger or email: chrono34 at hotmail dot com

    Hurry, though.. I’ve only got 8!

  12. Narrator says:

    Been playing for the past two days, you guys should add the ability to create games where you can have teams. Like 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. Maybe make it that only Gold (or whatever it’s called) accounts can create them.

    Maybe already discussed, but just giving my input.

    Love the game though. A bit buggy at times, but well done.

  13. Misterhola says:

    i need one of those invies…. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@verizon.net

  14. Dave says:

    An invite can be found in some of our other posts. Please do not include your email in a comment (for your own good I have edited it)

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