Our very first TD gets a re-vamp

Flash Element TD is getting a remake! Even more creeps, even more towers and loads more features. Check out the video on youtube for a sneak peak!

We are also tracking down a bug with the buggle game that means the game differs on different OS’s seems to be a rounding thing where Mac’s / Linux + PC’s want to round differently from each other :| Very strange.

Desktop armada is looking damn fine, Paul has added bases to defend and some quality fog of war, nothing like thinking your winning then seeing a huge fleet of rocket boats coming out of nowhere flanking your attack, Pauls a bugger at that.

The collective is going well, we still have some open invites (click here to register) for all you Blog lovers, come play some MPDTD with us!


5 Responses to Our very first TD gets a re-vamp

  1. […] saw on the blog of Paul & Dave (Creator of Flash Element TD and more) that they are doing a re-vamp (remake) of Flash Element TD. […]

  2. Luka says:

    Can’t wait to Beta-test this game !

  3. Narnach says:

    Looks pretty interesting. Can’t wait to beta test it :)

  4. Carlos says:

    Looking nice, with some nice improvements and twists! Can’t wait. :)

  5. incompetnce says:

    Desktop armada is intriguing me. Hurry up and release it, damn you!

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